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Commercial Pest Control Services in Long Island, NY

Here at Mosquito Brothers we have many commercial clients. We service all types of businesses and venues. Let us handle all your Mosquito and Tick management needs so you have time to focus on running your business and having your patrons/residents/guests enjoy their time outdoors. Each location and business is unique in what you do. Call us today so we can understand your needs and we will quote you the best price possible based on what you are looking for whether it is a one time application or a year round service.

Mosquito Protection: All-Natural or Synthetic

Mosquito Brothers offers both All-Natural and Synthetic treatment options to our customers.  A technician will conduct a free estimate and draft up a proposal for your establishment.  Our Mosquito Protection targets both mosquitoes and ticks, killing them on contact and leaving an active residue for weeks to come.  The treatment is completed with a backpack sprayer and/or a vehicle mounted sprayer that is designed to penetrate the toughest areas for precise application. 

Tick Control program

  • On Long Island, Lyme disease is on the rise and tick bites are occurring more frequently.   The best prevention is control!  Here at Mosquito Brothers, we specialize in an integrated tick management approach that utilizes a three-step process. 
  • 1.  Our spray treatment will target vegetation around your property where ticks are found
  • 2.  The granular treatment is spread around mulch and flower beds
  • 3.  Tick Tubes will be placed in both flower beds and under vegetation creating a perimeter.   
  • Tick tubes are a biodegradabel tube that is strategtically placed around your property to   used Lastly, our certified technician will determine the most effective placement of tick tubes around your property.   The main goal of tick tubes is to eliminate ticks by way of mice, which is where many ticks get their meals from. They are camouflaged, biodegradable and filled with a pesticide-infused cotton.  Mice will locate the cotton inside the tick tubes, and bring the pesticide-infused cotton back to their nesting site.  These will be applied twice a year around the perimeter of your property. Contact Mosquito Brothers for questions regarding our service.