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Advanced Residential Pest Control Solutions

“Home Defense” has three levels, focusing on both Mosquito and Tick Control.

Option 1: Mosquito and Tick Barrier Protection

Our trained staff will treat your property with a liquid spray that will kill Mosquitoes and Ticks on contact, while leaving an active residue for weeks to come.  The “Mosquito and Tick Barrier Protection” is systematically applied by the top of the line, high output backpack sprayer.  A certified professional will precisely target and apply the mist to vegetation and breeding areas on your property.  The treatment can be applied at any time during the day, and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE HOME!

In order to disrupt the Mosquito and Tick life cycle, also known as the breeding cycle, it is recommended and imperative that the synthetic treatment be applied every 21 days and 14 days for our All Natural-Minimum Risk-25(b) exempt treatment.  After the service, it’s recommended that you wait until the area is dry, prior to going onto the treated area.

Option 2: ULTIMATE PROTECTION-Mosquito and Tick control

(Option 2 is a combined service with Option 1)

  • Ticks are difficult to control, and this option will add an integrated approach to Tick control. A granular spread will be placed within the property twice a year, this is a critical component in Tick Control.

Option 3: Ultimate Protection plus Tick Tubes

(Option 3 is a combined service with Option 1 and Option 2)

  • Adding Tick Tubes to your treatment plan is the Ultimate Protection for your family and pets. Tick tubes are placed under decks, within heavy vegetation and specific areas around the perimeter of your property. Tick Tubes are placed around your property twice a year and do not harm animals contact Mosquito Brothers today.
All three of the above treatments allow you, the customer to choose which product you would like us to apply to your property by our backpack sprayers.  As you know some products are more costly than others, especially the “All Natural” products, but our price will not fluctuant based on which product you choose.  We offer All Natural, Organic and Synthetic spray application options.  
These options can be discussed with a Mosquito Brothers trained professional.