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Mosquito and Tick Control Treatments

Start Spring early! Everyone deserves to enjoy the warmer weather!  But unfortunately without controlling both Mosquitoes and Ticks, enjoyment can be extremely difficult and painful.  We are here to help, so if you have any hesitation about going outside, call us now! 

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The Mosquito Protection package delivers a tremendous impact to any Mosquito and Tick population.  This is our number one sought after package due to the nuisance pests that everyone is trying to avoid.  This is a spray application.  

The “Mosquito and Tick Protection” package delivers the same impact on mosquitoes, but also brings focus back to Tick control by adding a three step granular application.  If you think you may have Ticks on your property, this is added protection to keep your Children and Family safe.  

The “Ultimate Protection” package combines a unique three system approach that demands results. The Ultimate Protection has the best of the other two packages, while adding on Tick Tubes. If you have Ticks on your property or in the neighborhood, this is the right package for you.

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The “Special Event” package allows you to enjoy a special occassion, wedding, BBQ, Birthday Party and any other outdoor entrainment fun. Short notice, that’s ok, we are here to help you enjoy that event! Don’t worry, you will not be up-charged for last minute treatments. It’s as easy as “Mosquito Brothers coming to spray so you can enjoy the day.”

The “Commercial Treatment” package can be solely for Mosquito Control or can focus on both Mosquito and Tick control.  An owner of leases of any commercial residence or facility need to take the precautions necessary 

Do you have Ticks in your yard?

Do you have Mosquitoes in your yard?