The Mosquito and Tick Professionals you can trust!


Our priority is to keep your family and pets safe from Mosquito and Tick borne disease.  We seek a simple smart approach to Pest management and customer understanding of treatment options.  Allow us to explain our Integrated Pest Management approach, while managing your property.  It’s essential to have treatments applied early on, around the second week of April.  The earlier treatments knock down the Mosquitoe and Tick population before it gets to be a nuisance.  Vector borne- disease and west nile virus is a serious health hazard. 

Our staff will schedule a convenient time for a trained professional to come to your home and conduct a walk-around of your property; seeking  out any and all breeding grounds, active larvae sites, stagnant water sources, as well as off-limit spray locations.  Although it will not take up much of your time, we believe this to be the most critical part of the process.

How often do you spray? In order to disrupt the Mosquitoes and Ticks life cycle, also known as the breeding cycle, it is imperative and recommended to apply the synthetic treatment every 21 days or the All-Natural treatment ever 14 days.  We will notify you of scheduled and alternate application dates.  

Do I have to be home?  That’s the best part, you don’t have to be home, we do recommend that our trained professional conduct the initial walk-around with you at the first treatment.

Do I need to do anything before you spray?  We ask that prior to any application date, windows and open doors be closed.  We also ask that you turn off your sprinkler system for 24 hours if possible after application, allowing the pesticide to absorb into the treated vegetation. We also ask that the gate to enter the yard is unlocked and that all animals are inside. 

What do you spray?  They are considered Pesticides, just about every product by any company is classified as a pesticide.  Although, we seek environmentally friendly products, we leave the chose up to you.  We provide a Synthetic and an All-Natural option.

Do you have an Organic product?  We have a products that is considered All Natural due to them being minimum risk in accordance with exemption 25(b).  The Active ingredients are plant derived, but we cannot declare it organic, as it does not specify that on the label.  

How long do I have to wait before I go on the treatment area?  In accordance with the label, you must wait until the treatment area is dry before entering.