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Scents That Make You A Mosquito Magnet:

– Carbon Dioxide:- The larger the person, the more carbon dioxide they tend to exhale, which mosquitoes (and black files) Find Irresistible. Adults are more apt to be bittin by mosquitoes than small children. Pregnant women also produce more carbon dioxide and more susceptible to pesky bites. Of course, there’s nothing you can do about this, as we all need to breathe, but it’s a factor to understand.

– Movement and heat:- If you’re outdoors and physically active on a hot summer evening, you could be attracting mosquitoes in your direction. Mosquitoes find you less appealing when you’re stationary. Opt for the hammock.

– Body Odor:- Sweat does not have a scent until bacteria delvelops. It’s old sweat that mosquitoes find enticing. Research indicates that mosquitoes are especially drawn to smelly feet and Socks. If you’re about to head outdoors at dawn or dusk or in a waterfront area where mosquitoes are prevalent, shower first and use perfume-free soap. Wear clean socks every time you venture outdoors. Entertaining outdoors in mosquitoes country? Lure Mosquitoes away from you by hanging a smelly gym sock from a tree branch well outside the area. Let the socks be the mosquito magnet!