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Scents that repel mosquitoes

Chickens:– Scientists report that mosquitoes stay clear of most birds. In Ethiopia, researchers conducted a study using live chickens, humans, and mosquitoes. They found that the scent chickens give off kept the humans participants from getting bitten by mosquitoes. Scientists are working on extracting certain chicken compounds to formulate a repellent, to stop the spread of disease. In the meantime, if you have chickens, allowing them to free range outdoors not only increases the amount of vitamin D in the eggs they lay but may keep you from getting mosquito bites.

– Garlic:- Consuming fresh grlic on a regular basis, or taking a garlic supplement, may cause your skin to emit a scent that can repel mosquitoes and ticks.

-B1 Vitamin (Thiamine):- Taking a B1 Vitamin Supplement or Wearing a thiamine skin patch may cause your skin to give off a scent that only mosquitoes will detect and find unpleasant. Since this vitamin is water-soluble toxicity is not a concern. Ask your healthcare provider for dosage recommendations.

-Natural Plant-Based Oils:-

– Eucalyptus
– Lemon eucalyptus
– Cinnamon leaf oil
– Citronella
– Rosemary
– Peppermint