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Professional Tick Yard Spraying Services
Long Island, NY

Ticks are becoming an increasingly common pest in Long Island. Ticks attach to your skin and feed off of your blood, which can lead to several unpleasant symptoms. You must take the necessary precautions to prevent tick infestations on your property so that you don’t have to deal with them at all! If you’re interested in learning more about tick spraying or treatments in Long Island, Read more!

Tick Spraying & Treatment in Long Island

Tick spraying is a procedure that uses chemicals to kill ticks in your yard. The chemicals used in tick spraying are usually composed of pyrethrins and/or permethrin, which are derived from chrysanthemum flowers. Ticks are killed by contacting the chemicals or ingesting them when they feed on an animal that has been treated with the pesticide.

The Benefits of Tick Spraying

The following are some of the benefits of tick spraying:

  • You can eliminate over 90% of ticks within 24 hours if you cover large areas like lawns or fields thoroughly with pesticides.
  • It’s relatively easy to do yourself at home as long as you follow directions carefully and take precautions against exposure to toxic substances.
  • It’s also effective when applied before an infestation occurs because ticks tend not to survive long after laying eggs.

Tips to Prevent Tick Infestations

To prevent tick infestations, consider the following tips:

Reduce Wildlife Accessibility to Your Property

To keep ticks off your property, it’s important to reduce wildlife accessibility. This means reducing leaf litter and brush piles, removing any brush or tall grasses that may provide shelter for ticks, keeping your lawn mowed, and using a pesticide to prevent ticks from nesting.

Make Sure Your Property is Clear of Tick Habitat

Tick spray is one of the most effective ways to get rid of ticks on your property. It can be applied directly onto leaf litter and brush piles, but you must clear these areas first contact Mosquito Brothers for any questions!

Create a Tick-Free Perimeter

The best way to keep ticks off your property is by treating the perimeter with a tick control product. Treating the perimeter can be done in two ways: by applying a liquid barrier around the outside of your home, or by spraying over the ground with an insecticide. Both methods are effective at keeping ticks out of your yard, but they have their pros and cons.


Tick spraying is a great way to get rid of ticks and prevent them from coming back into your yard. If you’re interested in learning more about this method of tick control, visit our website to learn about the services that we offer.