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When Should I Start Spraying My Yard For Mosquitoes And Ticks?

The key to control is to target mosquitoes and ticks before they become active on your property.  Homeowners will see the best results when they begin applications between mid-March and April, as this will eliminate overwintering mosquitoes and ticks from properties.   



On Long Island, the typical spray season for mosquito and tick activity starts between mid-March and the first week of April.  Although this may seem premature, continue to read and understand the importance of preventive measures.  Our winter has been relatively mild, and although we may be getting another snowfall this season, the warm weather is pushing across both Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  Spraying your property at the break of the cold temperatures, beginning between the March -April time frame will allow you to enjoy your property as the weather turns warmer.  Do mosquitoes overwinter? Yes, just as ticks do.  Despite what many may think, mosquitoes do not all die off in the colder months; they find ways to survive.  As temperatures drop, they go into a state of dormancy and enter diapause.  During this state, their metabolism slows down, reducing the need for both food and energy.  Mosquito eggs can also survive these cold temperatures as they lie dormant under foliage, ice, and moist soil.   As the warmer weather sets in, their endless quest seeking a blood meal begins in their surrounding area, which could be your yard.  The mosquitoes and eggs that survived the winter will re-emerge, ensuring the continuation of their population. It is important to think ahead and plan for the warmer weather before it becomes a nuisance and safety risk.  Utilizing certain bug sprays on your skin can prove to be helpful, along with wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants when outdoors.  Although these tips are helpful, they aren’t the only way to mitigate bites from these pesky insects.  A proactive approach to protecting your friends and family so you can enjoy the outdoors this spring & summer can be hiring a mosquito control service.  By googling “Mosquito control on Long Island” you can find local mosquito and tick control companies that service your area.  It’s essential to find a company that is transparent in both their pricing and expectations of service and who specializes in spray applications to your property.  Applications are made to your property targeting the overwintering mosquitoes, and dormant ticks.  Some companies even add an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) to their spray mix which targets the reproductive cycle of both mosquitoes and ticks.  This has been proven to be effective in the industry.  Conducting spray applications for these relentless pests starting in April and ending in October, reduces the risk of a tick-borne illness.   


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 Most cases of Lyme disease are reported from May to August at the height of bites.  Prepare your yard and knock down these tick-borne diseases in April! 


Many companies offer pre-season discounts that are, in most cases, the best price of the entire season!  Take advantage of these deals and discounts and save money.  You can choose between a synthetic product or go with a Natural product.  Natural products can be of many different blends, one of which uses cedarwood oil by stop the bites


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